Providing CSGO's league schedule, results, match preview and single-match statistics, livescore API, live box score, popular odds from global mainstream companies, match statistics of professional teams, winning rate, ranking and other stats.

League stats

Providing comprehensive professional league stats, including league schedule, English and Chinese names, start time, end time, LOGO, competition format, teams, table and other detailed league information.

Match stats

Covering comprehensive match stats, including basic information, match preview, H2H record, score, post-match statistics, etc., to meet your needs for use.

Real-time stats

Providing real-time score stats for mainstream league matches, covering key score events such as map ban/pick, win record, KDA, weapon, builds, blood volume, live box score, etc., to give you an excellent user’s experience.

Team data

Providing detailed stats for each teams, including team list, team basic information, member list, team ranking, league statistics and weapons ranking, etc.

Player data

Providing perfect player stats, including the basic information of the player, the number of head-shot, the number of flash-bang assist, as well as the average stats and multiple performances of the match, to give you the most intuitive analysis of the players.